Together, we can address the health concerns of our local communities.

Let’s work together to keep our communities safe, healthy, connected, and happy.

What is NYCEAL?

NYCEAL provides educational and scientific content about important topics like COVID-19, long COVID, mental well-being, research, and more. We are here to help you build skills to identify misinformation and find trusted resources.

Resource Collections

COVID-19 Resources

From understanding how the vaccine was developed to what the guidelines in NYC are, this collection hosts several resources about COVID-19.

Mental Health Resources

This page shares resources to support your well-being.

Media Literacy Resources

This page hosts resources to help you identify trusted sources and get reliable health information.

Healthy Eating/Active Living

Resources and information on local community interventions that support healthy eating and active living.

Training Videos

Many of our trainings for navigators or community health workers are recorded and archived here. Feel free to check them out!


Resources and tips to help you have informative and meaningful conversations in your community.

Clinical Trials

As we identify information on clinical research opportunities, we will share them here.

Social Media Tools

Here, you’ll find content and messaging you can use on your own social media channels!

How to get a COVID-19 vaccine

Everyone age 6 months and older is eligible to get COVID-19 vaccines. Click below to find vaccination providers near you, or sign up for a vaccine at home! Vaccines are available at no cost to you and regardless of immigration status.